Vol. 4: Dashed Hopes and Good Intentions // Press Kit

NEW ALBUM OUT 10/14/2022

Artist: The Subteens

Title: Vol. 4: Dashed Hopes and Good Intentions

Label: Back to the Light Records

Add Date: 10/18/2022

Street Date: 10/14/2022

RIYL: The Replacements, Hüsker Dü, AC/DC

Rec Tracks: #1, 2, 8, 9

FCC: #3


  1. 01 – Hard to Be Lonely Tonight The Subteens 2:30
  2. 02 – George and Martha The Subteens 2:43
  3. 03 – Something for the Girl With Everything The Subteens 3:05
  4. 04 – If We Ever Get Out Alive The Subteens 2:23
  5. 05 – I Don’t Think It’s Worth It The Subteens 2:10
  6. 06 – You Won’t Hear Me Say It The Subteens 2:43
  7. 07 – Not in This Town The Subteens 3:13
  8. 08 – Come On, Come On (Come On) The Subteens 3:19
  9. 09 – Joke’s on You The Subteens 2:33
  10. 10 – In Search Of The Subteens 2:52
  11. 11 – Temporary Problem The Subteens 2:49








After 25+ years on the Memphis music landscape, The Subteens (Mark Akin, John Bonds, and Jay Hines) are regarded by many as underground local legends. Forming in the fall of 1995, the group quickly evolved into a unit who could consistently write irresistible “trash-pop” nuggets, performing them at raucous, frenzied live shows. During a time when many bands took themselves way too seriously, The Subteens arrived on the scene to have fun.

Word spread fast in local reviews, and the accolades quickly followed from the likes of Billboard magazine and CMJ New Music Monthly. For three years running, Da Teens were selected to perform at Crossroads (a three-day event featuring unsigned bands from across the US), chosen as one of five groups to perform at the prestigious Producers’ Showcase their final year. A little later, they were picked to play the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City. And for several years, they were voted by fans and critics alike among the best groups in The Memphis Flyer’s annual Music issue, one year tying with the Oscar-winning Three 6 Mafia!

But after extensive touring and the release of two rock-solid albums (Burn Your Cardigan, So That’s What the Kids Are Calling It …), the band imploded for various reasons in 2004. Only a handful of reunion shows have followed, including a 20-year anniversary performance at The Levitt (Overton Park) Shell in 2015.

Now The Subteens are back with their long-anticipated follow-up. Produced by J.D. Reager for Back to the Light Records, Vol. 4: Dashed Hopes and Good Intentions is the band’s first new collection of songs in 18 years. It’s 11 more two-and-a-half-minute blasts of sonic candy, just the way you like it: loud, fast and catchy-as-hell.




THOUGHTS WORDS ACTION / The Subteens – Vol. 4:Dashed Hopes And Good Intentions LP (Back To The Light Records)

Here is another good one from a batch of recent Back To The Light Records releases. As far as I am informed, Vol. 4: Dashed Hopes And Good Intentions is the third full-length album by The Subteens, a punk rock trio from Memphis, Tennessee. These guys started in 1995 and released Burn Your Cardigan & So That’s What the Kids Are Calling It. They also toured extensively across the States but decided to go on indefinite hiatus until 2004, when they started playing together again. Of course, the band gathered many followers during those years because both records sounded exceptional from beginning to end.

MEMPHIS FLYER / Subteens Get Out Alive – and Then Some

It’s quite appropriate that the return of the Subteens, via their first album in 18 years, is happening just as the Indie Memphis Film Festival celebrates the ten year anniversary of Antenna, the documentary on the famed club of the same name. But that’s not because the Subteens played there — they formed the same year the fabled venue was shuttered. It’s more because that group has perfected a sound that somehow defines not only the Antenna Club but the whole bedrock ethos of Midtown Memphis rock and roll.

IT’S PSYCHEDELIC BABY MAGAZINE / ‘Vol. 4: Dashed Hopes and Good Intentions’ by The Subteens | Album Premiere

Exclusive album premiere of ‘Vol. 4: Dashed Hopes and Good Intentions’ by Memphis underground legends The Subteens, out October 14, 2022 via Back to the Light Records.

MEMPHIS FLYER / 20 Years of the Subteens

This Saturday, one of Memphis’ most underrated bands in recent memory will celebrate their 20th year with a reunion concert at the Levitt Shell. In their heyday, the Subteens were one of the biggest draws in town, but for a myriad of reasons, both personal and professional, they eventually fizzled out, unceremoniously leaving behind a legacy of two rock-solid albums and a host of “Do you remember when?” memories for those who were lucky enough to catch one of the band’s frenetic live shows.

THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL / The Subteens Celebrate 20 Years, Gear Up for More

The Subteens are trying to get used to their new status.

“We’ve been musicians and a band around here for 20 plus years and people say, ‘The legendary Subteens,’ or this and that,” says drummer John Bonds, 37. “And it kind of takes you back.”

You become a legend “once you wind up sticking around and they can’t run you off after twenty-something years,” says Bonds.


J.D. Reager / Back to the Light

Mark Akin