The Alternate Current

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Track List:
1. The Miracles of God – “Don’t Shoot Heroin” from ‘Sad Times for High Hopes’
2. The Ex-Boogeymen – “Night Breed” from ‘Only Darkness Holds the Power’
3. Naked Hassellhoff – “Leepin’ Demin” from ‘So Advanced, So Pissed About It’
4. Lipstick Homicide – “Solitaire” from ‘Isn’t It Glorious?’
5. Lipstick Homicide – “One in the Morning” from ‘Isn’t It Glorious?’
6. Breechloader – “Age of Insects” from ‘Crossing the Sanzu’
7. Burnout – “Speedway King” from ‘Thundertits’
8. Burnout – “Armour of the Gods” from ‘Armour of the Gods’
9. The Ex-Boogeymen – “Crow” from ‘Masters of Ceremony’
10. The Subteens – “Anyone” from ‘Burn Your Cardigan’
11. Samuel Locke Ward – “Fine Was the Night” from ‘Just Add Tears’
12. Sal Si Puedes – “Like a Kiss” from ‘Smokestacks Against the Sunset, Grunts Against the Silence’