Chicago In The Rearview

As promised, we were back at rhythm guitars and solos yesterday. And Stan’s Donuts. Left-to-right, it’s little old me; swell guy, engineer, and Frogg (sic) Mountain owner John Forbes; guitarist extraordinaire Kram Nika; and our lovely and talented producer J.D. Reager. We got a metric crap-ton of work done this trip, and I completely forgot how much I like Chicago.

Also, if you’ve ever stayed at the Aloft Hotel downtown and spent an inordinate amount of time wondering who that guitarist is sharing the stage in the giant photo of Mick and Keef (as you approach the elevators), I’ve done the legwork for you. Meaning I’ve asked Facebook friends way more knowledgeable than I.

Why, that’s none other than Steady Rollin’ Bob Margolin, who played with Muddy Waters from 1973 to 1980. (Thanks, Robert Gordon and Tom Clark!)

This Guy Right Here

Yesterday was guitars, guitars, and guitars, recorded at Frogg (sic) Mountain Studio. Once we ironed out a few technical kinks and found the tone, Kram got it done like a champion. I think y’all are gonna like this album (new working title, F*ck It, Let’s Listen To It), or at least appreciate how good it sounds. We’re really happy with how it’s coming together.

Anyway, two songs still need rhythm guitars and then it’s on to solos and ear candy, AKA “noodlies,” in Subteens-speak.

Bass Is Finito!

We arrived in Chicago late Thursday afternoon to get back to making this new record of ours (working title, Not Today, Satan). Yesterday, I invaded chez Reager for about 12 hours and finished my remaining bass lines, which was a balance of six for those keeping score at home.

It doesn’t sound like hard work, but any musician will tell you that recording is mentally exhausting. By the end of the day I felt like I’d been studying for – and then taking – college finals. And my hands were becoming uncooperative.

But J.D. and I got it all done and everything is still sounding pretty great! Bass and drums are completely finished and I’ve never been happier to type a sentence before in my life. For the rest of the weekend, Mark will be cutting guitars while I sit in the studio’s control room eating donuts, imperiously telling him to do it again. And again.