Chicago In The Rearview

As promised, we were back at rhythm guitars and solos yesterday. And Stan’s Donuts. Left-to-right, it’s little old me; swell guy, engineer, and Frogg (sic) Mountain owner John Forbes; guitarist extraordinaire Kram Nika; and our lovely and talented producer J.D. Reager. We got a metric crap-ton of work done this trip, and I completely forgot how much I like Chicago.

Also, if you’ve ever stayed at the Aloft Hotel downtown and spent an inordinate amount of time wondering who that guitarist is sharing the stage in the giant photo of Mick and Keef (as you approach the elevators), I’ve done the legwork for you. Meaning I’ve asked Facebook friends way more knowledgeable than I.

Why, that’s none other than Steady Rollin’ Bob Margolin, who played with Muddy Waters from 1973 to 1980. (Thanks, Robert Gordon and Tom Clark!)


Cheapskates owner Ron Hale talks about all the young whippersnappers who used to frequent his shop. Among them, a teen-aged Subteen Mark Akin. Chris McCoy, the director of Antenna, originally posted this at Live From Memphis, which is now deceased. I re-post it here for your pleasure.

While we were making Antenna, we discovered that we have many more stories to tell than we can fit into one movie. So we decided to make short films of some of the best of the stories to share with the world. We call these Antenna Singles.

In this single, we talk to Ron Hale about Cheapskates, his shop where skateboarding and punk rock have come together for 27 years. Cheapskates is where many Memphis musicians discovered punk, and it’s still around today.