Show Alert!

Check it out! The First Annual Back to the Light Spring Turnout will be Saturday, May 21, at Crosstown Brewing Company. 3-8 PM, free, all ages. Music by The Subteens, Jeremy & the Drip Edges, J.D. Reager, Loose Opinions and The DownSprouts.

In the meantime, we’ll be practicing …


Here I am, picking up five copies of our test pressing from MRP earlier in the week. (Also had the opportunity to catch up with Catrina Maria, which is always a pleasure.) I’m pointing to a line on the sticker that says, “For Your Approval.” As I mentioned elsewhere, that’s a much better title than we came up with. A much better title than up with we came? Stupid preposition …

And here we see the secret message in the runout groove, inspired by a line in one of our songs – and Mr. Bond’s enthusiasm for said line.

Finally, here I am (not pictured) with Back to the Light’s J.D. Reager (not pictured) at the Memphis Listening Lab, blasting our test pressing. Good news, bad news: it sounds great and we are good to go for completing our order; unfortunately it’s not likely to happen until the end of July.

Stay tuned!