In Case You Missed It …

Photo by Christopher Reyes

The Memphis Flyer, December 7, 2017

Rock Against Racism Rises Again
by Alex Greene

For those who came of age in the first blush of punk rock, before it was codified into a “sound,” the movement known as “Rock Against Racism” was a clarion call of the new aesthetic. Even as it coalesced into a series of concerts in London’s East End, it sprang from a broader social movement that challenged and inspired bands to inject more political awareness into their sound. Nonetheless, it certainly was triggered by a musical event: Eric Clapton, during a 1976 show in Birmingham, launched into an anti-immigrant rant and endorsed U.K. ultra-nationalist Enoch Powell. It was the death knell, in a way, for any claim that classic rock had on the music’s original rebellious spirit. Taking up the mantle, and filled with disgust at the entitlement that Clapton expressed, was a new guard of punks and activists.


In Case You Missed It, Part Four

We played Local Memphis Live this past Friday to promote the Levitt Shell show. The other big guy in the hat is Jeff Holshouser, our friend from NC band Hank Sinatra. He helped us load in and out for the TV appearance. Thanks, Jeff!

Visiting Local 24 Live

Submitted for your approval, a few behind-the-scenes photos. Here’s Kram keeping it quiet while a guy in a suit and running shoes points at a green wall.

Green Screen

Interestingly, we were billed as “The Subteens Band.”

The Subteens Band

The interview.

The Interview

Running through a song before our live television appearance.

Run Through

In Case You Missed It, Part Three

Photo by Mike Brown

The Commercial Appeal, October 9, 2015

The Subteens celebrate 20 years, gear up for more
By Michael Donahue

The Subteens are trying to get used to their new status.

“We’ve been musicians and a band around here for 20 plus years and people say, ‘The legendary Subteens,’ or this and that,” says drummer John Bonds, 37. “And it kind of takes you back.”

You become a legend “once you wind up sticking around and they can’t run you off after twenty-something years,” says Bonds.


In Case You Missed It, Part Two

Photo by Christopher Reyes

The Memphis Flyer, October 8-14, 2015

20 Years of the Subteens
The tumultuous punk band returns.

By J.D. Reager

This Saturday, one of Memphis’ most underrated bands in recent memory will celebrate their 20th year with a reunion concert at the Levitt Shell. In their heyday, the Subteens were one of the biggest draws in town, but for a myriad of reasons, both personal and professional, they eventually fizzled out, unceremoniously leaving behind a legacy of two rock-solid albums and a host of “Do you remember when?” memories for those who were lucky enough to catch one of the band’s frenetic live shows.


Memphis Made

Watching Helplessly

Watching helplessly at Rock 103 as our last shred of ability disappears over the horizon.

Tune in to Rock 103’s Memphis Made this Sunday, October 4, from 8:00 to 10:00 (in the PM) as we chat with the lovely Catrina about our band’s hopeless trajectory.

You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll wonder why anyone ever listened to us!